How To: Get your home "show-ready"

Let's talk about some of the ways we can prep your home before a showing to make sure its as appealing as possible to potential buyers...


This is one of the most important steps in getting your house ready. When potential buyers are viewing your home, they are mentally picturing what their stuff will look like in your space, if your house is full of furniture and nick knacks this makes it a lot harder to envision. Get some boxes, some totes or even rent a storage locker for oversize and extra furniture, and start packing up anything that you could live with out for a few weeks.


This step goes long with the last one but on a different level. Look around your home right now, how many family pictures hang on your walls, how many post its and photos hang on your fridge, how many kid’s art projects cover your walls? These are all things that make your space your own, which is great when you’re living there, but if you’re trying to sell your home these are major turn offs for potential buyers. When a buyer is previewing your home, if they see lots of family photos and memento’s, it can leave them feeling like they are intruding, rather than thinking about could really live here? Removing all these items leaves the home with a neutral feeling, or blank slate, that the new buyer gets to create their own memories in.


I know what you’re thinking… my house is already clean, I clean regularly, how dare you think my house would be dirty… well let me tell ya, it could always be cleaner! The best analogy I can think of when you’re cleaning your house before it goes on the market is to think about how you’d like a hotel room to look when you stay the night. Those are the standards you want your house to stand up to. Dust, mop, shine, vacuum, shampoo… you want your home to literally *sparkle*.

Address the Pet Issue…

We have pets, it’s a fact, and we love them like family… but let’s face it, they do things in and around our homes that aren’t so … sweet. Not everyone buying a home has pets or likes pets, so when getting your house ready to show make sure that you stay on top of pet hair, odor, and messes! Also, it’s a smart idea if you have dogs that bark, to find a relative or friend who will watch them during showings, it’s extremely off putting for a potential buyer to be barked at through their whole showing.


Last but not least, let’s address the issue of wax warmers, they are a wonderful way to get our homes smelling sweet, however ONE is enough! If you have a wax warmer going in your home all the time you can become desensitized to the strength of the scent, so when a potential buyer walks through your home they can become overwhelmed with the scent of the wax. This could have the unfortunate effect of making the buyer suspect you’re covering up fowl odors. The best route is just to make sure your home is clean, clean, clean! If you do want some kind of scent flowing through your house, a better idea would be to brew a fresh pot of coffee, or maybe bake some sweets. Honestly though if your house is clean and pet odors are managed property, you shouldn’t need to worry the smell of your home, just focus on making it inviting, and neutral, so potential buyer can walk through and picture living in the space.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful in getting your home ready to show, and if you have any follow up questions or ideas for our next "how to" post feel free to email us at

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