Gatton the Rooster

Teresa Moses

I hope everyone reading this had a chance to follow along with our July giveaway! The Gatton the Rooster event was a lot of fun for everyone here in the office.

We started off the week taking our little Rooster over to Swim's Chiropractic to have his back cracked before he hit the road! Then he kept moving right along on his adventure to the Southern Iowa Fair. He made a lot stops, including Breadeaux Pizza, the Oskaloosa Skate Park, Signature Salon and many more.

If you'd like to view some of Gatton's adventures throughout the week, check out the photo gallery below.

His trip ended Saturday morning at the fair where we did a live drawing on Facebook for our winner. Teresa Moses (pictured to the left) won our little Gatton the Rooster and took him home that day! He now resides in her flower bed standing tall and looking awesome!

It's events like these that really make me smile because our whole community really had a good time with this, so many business owners were such good sports, participated and had a good time with us!

So thank you to everyone who followed along and keep your eye on our Facebook page for any future events or giveaways! We are always doing something new!!

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